Cultural Competence

Manchester Primary School celebrates its rich cultural diversity.

Manchester is proud of our cultural diversity and celebrates students of all backgrounds.

A number of our staff, including the Principal and Assistant Principal, are trained English as a Second Language Teachers.

Teaching staff are adequately supported by Education Support staff which includes three Chin Teaching Assistants.



At Manchester Primary School we make learning and social development of every child our priority. 

Our teaching and learning approach identifies 

intellectual, emotional and social development as equally important factors in life long learning success.  

At Manchester we value relationships as the Foundations that underpin student success. 

Our teaching and learning approach targets achievement by inspiring students learning through personalised active engagement in their learning by connecting the curriculum to every student’s interest.  

Our goal as educators is to Inspire every child to become Engaged, confident and courageous learners who strive to achieve their personal best. 


Inspire, Engage, Achieve

Foundation to Year 6 

Targeting individualised learning through engagement.
The leading edge of Education
Teaching Practices.
Children thrive in a caring supportive culturally aware school environment.