It is a privilege to be the Principal of such a dynamic and supportive School Community whose passion it is to make education accessible, inclusive, and engaging so that every student can thrive.

Our motto Inspire Engage Achieve sets the standard of our instructional program where students are supported and encouraged individually to strive to achieve their personal best.

Our belief at Manchester is that relationships are the corner stone for success. Social and emotional development is as much a key for student growth as academic success. Our student centred approach continues to see exceptionally high levels of student engagement. Our student connectedness is a feature of the caring environment that exists at Manchester. We have a high percentage of students with multi-cultural heritage. Something that is celebrated and cherished.

Classrooms are open planned and there is a strong emphasis on team teaching. Our teaching and learning goal aims to maximise one on one teaching conferencing time to target every student’s point of learning.

We are always proud to share our exciting approach to parents and families. To book a school tour email the school on the address below or call for an appointment on 9726 6931.

Megan Ganter

Acting Principal

Manchester Primary