Our motto Inspire Engage Achieve sets the standard of our instructional program where students are supported and encouraged individually to strive to achieve their personal best. 

Our curriculum focuses on consistency of our instruction from Foundation through to Year 6 that targets individualised learning in age appropriate environments.

It is guided by our Developmental Learning Pedagogy which cements students at the centre of everything we do.

It is underpinned by Visible Learning. This involves teachers working in Professional Learning Teams to unpack the Victorian Curriculum Learning Intentions and make them accessible at age appropriate levels for every student.


It is supported by School wide structures of :


·       Whole School Collaboration Cycle – Programming –Planning- Formative Assessment- Point of Learning Need Identification- Summative Assessment- Data Analysis – Individualised Teaching- Targeted Intervention.

·       Team Teaching

·       Focus Child Roster

·       Ongoing Real Time Reporting 

·       Consistent Instructional Model

·       Commitment to One on One Teacher/Student conferencing

·       Investigations

·        Independent Reading and Writing Programs

·       Jolly Phonics Spelling and Grammar

·       Challenging Tasks Numeracy

·       Open Planned Learning Spaces

·       Well Designed Teaching and Learning zones

·       Age appropriate Transition Zones